Contributors Help Deliver Real-time Insights Into Food Affordability

With Contributors located in over 138 countries, Premise receives thousands of submissions that help illuminate the everyday lives of ordinary people across countries and cultures. One of our popular global tasks asks Contributors to find local markets, take pictures, and answer a few questions. 

In April of 2022, we received over 26,000 submissions from the Street Markets task where Contributors captured in real-time the availability and affordability of public street markets in their community. Afghanistan, Mali, and the Philippines were among the most engaged countries completing this task.

From food markets to local grocery stores or having your own farm, there are a multitude of ways to access food. Thanks to our Contributors we can better understand food accessibility around the world and in hard-to-reach places where this data is not always easily available. In Bangladesh, 56% of Contributors purchase their food at local markets or vendors while only 18% buy their food at supermarkets, and 12% use food aid distribution centers.

We also asked over 76,000 Contributors in a survey what the most important factors are to their health, wellness, and overall quality of life. Economic opportunity was ranked as the most important factor by 37% of Contributors, while good governance was the second most important one selected by 17% of Contributors, followed by peace and access to nutritious food ranked as the most important factor by 17% and 8% of Contributors respectively.

Premise Locate tasks like this one help Contributors earn an income while sharing knowledge that helps identify trends in food availability and price fluctuations. They are an invaluable source of information that reflects life on the ground and provides crucial insights to global organizations.

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