The Top Five Reasons Why You Should Be a Premise Contributor

Today, people are turning to the gig economy as a way to improve their quality of life while working their own hours. As a result, more people are choosing to join the Premise Contributor network which enables Premise Contributors to help our clients solve big and small problems on a daily basis. Armed with just their smartphones, Premise Contributors around the world complete nearly 100 tasks per minute. That equates to roughly one million tasks completed each week! By completing tasks, our Contributors are able to affect real organizational change while simultaneously enriching their own lives.

Why are Premise Contributors so engaged? And why should you join our Contributor network if you haven’t done so already?

Here are the top five reasons why you should become a Premise Contributor.

  • Earn money at your own pace anywhere in the world. Premise functions as a marketplace that facilitates transactions between organizations that desire consumer insights and consumers who are willing to provide it. Our clients develop and administer tasks and surveys that Premise Contributors are able to complete in their communities in exchange for payment. Premise pays Contributors through the app in their choice of either local currency or cryptocurrency. You can cash out at your own pace and there is no requirement for the number of tasks or surveys you need to complete on our platform.
  • It’s fun. Premise Contributors continue to engage with our app because the tasks and surveys within our marketplace are both fun and engaging. Some activities can be as simple as filling out a survey about international sporting events or identifying and reporting on art installations in their communities. Additionally, tasks like helping a major consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand determine whether to enter a new location are a bit more complex and require Contributors to photograph specific parts of a store in their communities. Through the photos, Contributors provide insight into who brands are competing against, how their products should be packaged, and what types of products they should be offering.
  • It’s flexible. Premise Contributors can complete as many or as few tasks as they would like at their own pace. The only requirement is that you follow the directions for the specific activity and your submission meets Premise’s quality standards.
  • You learn more about your community. Premise tasks and surveys are specifically designed to be thought-provoking. Our tasks encourage people to explore their communities safely, think about issues that are impacting their lives, and leverage local insight to affect major change within organizations they interact with on a regular basis.
  • You are making a difference. Premise Contributors are affecting real change in the world by sharing their knowledge of the community. They are helping to identify issues at popular tourist attractions, are improving the quality of products on shelves at stores, and are enabling humanitarian organizations to expand access to high quality health care. In other words, Premise Contributors are making a difference in their communities and world.

Joining the Premise Contributor network empowers you to become part of a global community that earns money in a secure and flexible fashion.

Join our Contributor network today and start earning money at your own pace! Download our app for free on iOS or Android.