Elevating Contributors’ Skills with Latest Premise App Features

We’ve got some exciting news to share – the Premise app just got a big update! We’re not just making it easier to do the more complex tasks. We’re empowering 6+ million Contributors around the globe to level up their skills, tackle tasks more efficiently, and better navigate their journey with Premise.

Premise ID Badges: Building Credibility With Others

  • Located in the Account tab under the Authorization badge, the Premise ID badges are designed to elevate our Contributors’ credibility during tasks that involve interactions with people, such as storekeeper interviews.
  • The badge showcases the Contributor’s name, a clear photo, and a link to Premise’s Statement of Purpose, all accessible directly from the app. Once set up, Contributors can save the badge to the photo album on their phones for easy access.
  • By providing this visible proof of authorization, Contributors can more easily establish trust with others, making their task completion smoother and more efficient.

Premise Certificates: Unlocking Opportunity with Skill Development

  • Within the Marketplace tab, Premise Certificates empower our Contributors to learn, grow, and enhance their skill sets.
  • Contributors can now access educational resources to build expertise in specific areas, subsequently earning certificates that unlock new tasks and additional earning opportunities.
  • This new feature is in line with our commitment to nurturing a community of skilled Contributors, providing them with the tools to expand their capabilities, take on more complex tasks, and earn more on the Premise app!

At Premise, we believe in the power of continuous improvement, both for our Contributors and the data quality we deliver to our customers. These features are available in limited countries at this time. Stay tuned for more updates on the Premise app!