Prioritizing Contributor Safety Around The World

by | Nov 16, 2021

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We at Premise are increasingly aware that our 6 million Contributors, the gig workers who complete Premise tasks across 140 countries around the world, have encountered situations that have put them at unforeseen risk; despite the fact that the tasks Contributors choose to undertake outside their homes are only those that are publicly available, publicly accessible, and lawful. Additionally, Contributors also have access to sentiment surveys that they can complete on their phones in the comfort of their homes.

Our Contributors sign on to a public app obtained from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. They are informed that Premise owns all the data and can be shared or sold to any customer, private company, or government and international development customer as part of our Terms of Use and License agreements.

During the past few years, Premise has been instrumental in conducting needs assessments of informal Venezuelan settlements in Colombia, combatting vaccine hesitancy globally, working with cocoa buyers to root out forced and child labor in West Africa’s Ivory Coast, and working with global corporations to capture data related to their business operations. We also work closely with various departments in the US and UK governments to help them understand impact and shape better policies.

We are proud that Premise is able to provide a meaningful source of income to our Contributors, especially when we hear how much this supplemental source of income means to their livelihood. We believe that local citizens armed with smartphones are a far better resource and better suited to be market researchers than high-priced consultants.

The daily tasks our Contributors choose include completing sentiment surveys on their phones, such as information to help healthcare clinics or governments overcome vaccine resistance. Additionally, they can take publicly available photos like any other resident, such as detailing how products within supermarkets are displayed, the location of public services such as hospitals across a city, and much more.

Like all organizations operating in challenging environments, Premise views Contributor safety as a critical component to success. Similar to many other gig economy platforms, there have been occasional safety incidents over recent years. Although these occurrences are relatively rare and typically minor, Premise takes great care to address them promptly and ensure the safety and well-being of its community.

For this purpose, we have created numerous articles on our Help Center that can be located under the Account tab in the app and our Contributor support team is always readily available  to assist 24/7. We hope that these recommendations will help our Contributors stay safe while using the app.

As we expect our customer and Contributor base to grow exponentially in the coming years, Premise has retained Secretary Michael Chertoff and his global company, The Chertoff Group (“TCG”), to do an independent study and offer recommendations to Premise as to how to further improve Contributor safety while completing tasks anywhere in the world. Mr. Chertoff’s credentials include serving as U.S. Homeland Security Secretary to President George W. Bush, a federal appellate judge, and a top Justice Department prosecutor.

Moving forward, we are committed to leveraging the expertise of Secretary Michael Chertoff and The Chertoff Group to further strengthen our safety protocols and ensure a secure environment for all Contributors worldwide. Together, we are poised to navigate challenges and uphold our commitment to the well-being of our community.